Storm International develops a network of slot-halls in Germany

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    Storm Casinos is part of the gambling empire Storm International, located in Germany. These are elegant slot-halls with an addition in the form of a bar or restaurant, created for pleasant leisure time in the company of colleagues, friends or relatives.


Storm Casinos are located in 10 places in 6 cities, each unit is unique and has its own special features. In Frankfurt there are three slot-halls, in Fulda - two, and one in Mülheim, Aschaffenburg, Kriftel, Simmern, Bensheim.

The halls of Storm Casinos are different from the Shangri La casino, which also belong to Storm International, Darren Keane, CEO of the holding, specified. Shangri La is a large full-fledged casino with rooms for card games, roulettes and slot machines, lounge zones and VIP halls. Storm Casinos are less luxurious, but more cozy and family friendly. In them, the gambling zone is not uniquely dominant. The premises of bars, grill bars and restaurants are no less significant.

The German network has already gained popularity thanks to a cozy atmosphere, delicious dishes, as well as an additional opportunity to play. And you can play not only in slots, which is understandable from the name of slot-halls, but also in pool, poker and darts. In some units, tournaments are held for regular guests. In the days of the competition, there is no hindrance from the guests. Naturally, the winners receive prizes.
Some Storm Casinos specialize in complex dinners and hearty dishes. For example, Sports Bar in Fulda is famous for their burgers, they are even called the best in the city. It is here that guests come for darts, billiards and poker tournaments.

All Storm Casinos offer their services for organizing celebrations. Places are ideal for holidays, corporate parties, family dinners, friendly gatherings. Guests receive the opportunity to eat deliciously in a soulful atmosphere.

Thoughtful approach to the organization of work of slot-halls is one of the advantages of Storm International. As in Shangri La, Darren Keane emphasized, a strong management team is working in Germany. In addition, the company uses more than 25 years of experience in the gambling industry, which allows to meet the expectations of the guests and provide them exactly what they want to receive.

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